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BET authors lesson content for new, online teaching resource facility


BET has been working with Uteach Lessons ( to establish a new form of online teaching resource that aims to substantially reduce the burden of lesson preparation and planning.

Cloud-based and available as either a MAT or school wide solution, Uteach Lessons offers:

  • comprehensive coverage of lesson requirements for both primary and secondary schools – KS1 to KS4
  • a full academic year of lesson content for maths, English, the sciences, geography, history and much more
  • presentation in a consistent style and format
  • instant accessibility via an internet browser from any location at any time
  • the ability to present lessons in their original form, or the option to edit, store and later present lessons that reflect a teacher’s preferences, style, and the specific requirements of their class
  • the ability to review lessons on the move via the mobile app that accompanies the platform.

Uteach Lessons allows the great work carried out by our teaching staff to reach far wider than would otherwise be possible, aiding and enhancing, where required, the learning experiences available to young people throughout the country. It will also be particularly useful to support new teachers, supply teachers and those who from time to time are challenged in less familiar subject areas. We are delighted that our contribution will support our colleagues throughout our profession.


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