Happy Shoesday - 22nd May 2018

We are pleased to announce that on Tuesday 22nd May our school is participating in Happy Shoesday, Living Streets' annual one - day fundraising event for primary schools! Pupils, teachers and parents children can wear the shoes that make them happiest on their walk to school and make a suggested donation of £1.  Your donations will help Living Streets continue their work to make streets safer for all. This small action means you will be a part of the work to overcome barriers to walking; helping to create communities designed for people, not cars. 

By taking part and swapping the school run for a school walk, you're helping reduce the number of cars on our roads.  With fewer cars at the school gates.

Please ensure children bring in their shoes for break time if their happy shoes aren't suitable for outside.

Wear the shoes that make you happy, have fun and help us create safer, walkable streets for all.