Autumn 2017

School Run Clubs

  Day Staff Collection time
Board Games Monday Mr Wiens 4:10pm
Eco Club Monday Mrs Glen & Mrs Leaver 4:30pm
Choir Tuesday Mrs Richmond Drop off time 8:30am
Film Club Tuesday Miss English 4:10pm
Yoga Club Tuesday Miss Piccoli 4:10pm
Art Club Tuesday Miss Gallen 4:10pm
Cooking Club Thursday Mrs Keep & Mrs Bradley 4:30pm
Dance Club Thursday Miss Gregory & Miss Keep 4:30pm
Colouring Club Thursday Mrs Bacon 4.10pm


School clubs will run this term from Monday 25th September to Friday 1st December.

Please wait by the main entrance to the school.  The Club Leader will dismiss your child from here at the end of the session.

In order to ensure all children have the opportunity to attend a club, each child will be offered a place at one school run club only.

Each club is charged at 50p per child per session.  Please pay a total of £4 for all 8 sessions to your child's class teacher as soon as their place has been confirmed by the Club Leader.

Club money, forms, or enquiries should no longer go through the school office.  They should instead be directed to the Club Leader.

External Run Clubs

Click here for England Sports Autumn Term Tennis Club at Sayes Court Primary School.