Summer 2018

School Run Clubs

  Year Groups Day Staff Location Collection time Cost per term
Board Games 3, 4, 5 & 6 Monday Mr Wiens Year 3 4:10pm £4
KS1 Art Club R, 1 & 2 Tuesday Miss Piccoli Reception 4:10pm £4
KS2 Art Club 3, 4, 5 & 6 Tuesday Miss Gallen Year 4 4:10pm £4
Dance Club 1,2 Thursday Miss Gregory & Miss Keep Hall 4:30pm £4
Football Club 4, 5 & 6 Thursday Mr King & Mrs Hepburn Outside Year 1 4:20pm £4


To book your child on to a club, please go to the online booking system and enter event number 4as5t.

All school-run clubs will start week commencing 23rd April 2018 and will finish week ending Friday 13th July 2018.  Clubs will not run during half-term week.

If a club is not on for any reason, parents will be notified via Ourschoolsapp.

When collecting, please wait by the main entrance to the school.  The Club Leader will dismiss your child from here at the end of the session.

In order to ensure all children have the opportunity to attend a club, each child will be offered a place at one school run club only.

Each club is charged at £4 per child for the term.  After booking, please make payment online via ScoPay between Monday 23rd April and Monday 30th April.  Please note that if you manage to book a place it means that your child has secured a place in the club even though payment does not need to be made until week commencing 23rd April.

Please note that in the event that your child misses a week or stops attending their chosen club we will not refund part or all of the charge.  This is because we charge such a minimal amount for school-run clubs in the first instance.

Invitation Only Clubs

The following clubs are available by invitation only.  This club is only available to your child if they have received an invitation from the teacher.

Club Name Day Teacher Collection Time
Eco Monday Mrs Glen & Mrs Leaver 4.30pm
Choir Monday Mrs Richmond 8.30-8.50am
Talented Writer Monday Mrs Richmond 4.00pm
Dance Thursday Miss Gregory & Miss Keep 4.30pm
Advanced Maths Thursday Miss Wilson 4.15pm
Book Thursday Mrs Leaver 4.10pm

External Run Clubs

Click here for England Sports Tennis Club at Sayes Court Primary School.