Science is the way that we understand the world around us - from our own human bodies, to the wonders of the universe. At Sayes Court, we want our pupils to gain all the necessary skills and knowledge in science, but we also want them to be curious and excited about the world around them.

To this end, science lessons at Sayes Court encourage pupils to acquire knowledge and skills through questioning the world around them and by carrying out carefully planned experiments in order to discover facts for themselves. Through such experiments, they learn the practical skills of science. They also consider elements such as fair testing and how to draw conclusions from data. Science lessons also provide valuable links to the mathematics curriculum, such as reading and creating graphs and scales.

At Sayes Court, we follow the National Curriculum programmes of study for science. Our teachers use Bug Club Science resources to support their lesson planning. An overview of the curriculum and the units each year group covers is provided below.

Science Units