Year 1 - Yew Class


This year our teachers are Miss Patrick and Mrs Bacon. We are looking forward to our year ahead and learning all our topics which include, animals including humans, everyday materials as well as the seasons of the year. As a class we enjoy learning about numbers and we look forward to our maths lessons each day. We also enjoy learning the phonics phase sounds which help us in our writing and reading. We will have a big focus on Phonics throughout the year which will help us prepare for the Phonics Screening which will take place in June 2020. We are enthusiastic about reading and it is one of our strong points so we are very proud of it. We really enjoy reading with our Year 3 buddies during Reading for Pleasure. Our favourite time is when we get to discover outside. Here we work on our gross motor skills, co-ordination and balance while also practicing our vocabulary. All of this, of course, will be done while having a lot of fun and learning to work together as well as independently. Therefore, we will focus on being responsible for our own belongings and ourselves while making the most of the year ahead. 

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