Curriculum Vision

Our curriculum is designed around a passion for all children to leave Sayes Court with the knowledge, skills, cultural capital and values they need to continue to flourish at secondary school and beyond. Our vision is that through our curriculum, any gaps in skills, knowledge and opportunity on entry to Sayes Court are closed over time giving equal access to all.  

We have reviewed and refined our curriculum offer in each of the taught subjects and the wider curriculum to ensure that content and experiences are personalised for our children so that we meet their needs explicitly giving all children that which is implicitly demanded of them. In so doing we believe that our children will be fully equipped with the foundations needed to become successful, fulfilled and engaged citizens on entry to KS3 and into adulthood.  

During the process of designing our curriculum, SLT and subject leaders have given careful thought, time and consideration to the following:  

  • Our local context and the opportunities or gaps which may exist within, and which may impact on our children  
  • The starting points of our children on entry to Nursery or Reception  
  • The EYFS framework  
  • Pupil voice  
  • Parental voice  
  • The skills, knowledge and values we would like our Year 6 children to leave Sayes Court with 
  • Expectations on entry to secondary school 
  • Skills, knowledge and values our children will need later in life to be engaged citizens who impact positively on their community and beyond  
  • Progression in skills and knowledge across each of the subjects 
  • Subject lead expertise  
  • EDI (Equality, Diversity and Inclusion) 
  • Our Learning Habits 
  • Needs of specific groups such as SEN  
  • Our overall vision  
  • Our British Values  
  • Reading  
  • Talents and interests of our pupils  
  • Trips 
  • Workshops and experiences, visitors  
  • Careers  
  • Skills and knowledge needed to solve future problems which may arise in society and the workplace  

As a result of the level of thinking and careful consideration behind this design, children at Sayes enjoy a broad and balanced curriculum with all subjects enjoying the same profile across school.  


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