School Development Plan

School Development Plan 2019 / 2023

Quality of Education - Priorities

  • To ensure results across all phases and key stages meet or exceed national and an upward trend is evident over time


  • To ensure progress at the end of KS2 meets / exceeds average of 0  and an upward trend is evident over time
  • To ensure on average at least 4 pupils in each class move from WTS-EXP
  • To ensure attainment of DAP pupils is in line with non-DAP pupils
  • To ensure foundation subjects and  assessment thereof is fully embedded across the School and progression in skills is evident over time
  • To ensure teachers have good subject knowledge across the range of subjects they teach and all learning support staff have skills and knowledge needed to support learning


  • To ensure Reading for Pleasure (RfP) is fully embedded across the school and all children especially those in the lower 20% read widely, with fluency and comprehension and as a result are able to access all areas of the curriculum


  • Develop effective strategies to ensure accurate application of phonics and spelling across the School


  • To ensure maths mastery is embedded across the School


  • Develop writing across the wider curriculum to support learning in different subject areas and not as a vehicle for writing itself 


  • To ensure Precision Teaching is embedded across the School


Evidenced By  


Data, Lesson Observations / Learning Walks, Planning, Pupil Progress Meetings, Pupil Voice, Teacher and Support Staff  Feedback / Discussion, Surveys – Parents/Pupils, Overviews, Work Scrutiny


Behaviour and Attitudes – Priorities

  • To ensure whole school attendance continues to be in line with or exceed national
  • To develop strategies to ensure pupils consistently arrive in school punctually and over time lateness reduces by 50% in each class (measured in minutes).
  • To ensure that learning behaviours are fully embedded across the school  and pupils consistently demonstrate these
  • To ensure all adults are consistent and take a balanced approach in the management of behaviour during all parts of the day and deal with low level disruption swiftly
  • To ensure all pupils are engaged in the process of assessment and feedback and over time this impacts positively on outcomes across the curriculum 


Evidenced By  

Attendance Data, Behaviour Records, Gate Duties,  Lesson Observations / Learning Walks, Parent Feedback, Pupil Voice Teacher and Support Staff  Feedback / Discussion


Personal Development – Priorities

  • To ensure that the curriculum on offer develops pupil’s cultural capital over time as they progress through the school and beyond
  • To ensure a well-being strategy is in place for children and adults
  • To ensure all pupils recognise their worth
  • To ensure pupils consistently demonstrate positive attitudes and learning behaviours across the school day
  • To develop a wide range of extra- curricular activities that allow all children to access a range of skills which help develop them as individuals and learners  building on their cultural capital
  • To develop play and lunch times so children benefit fully from each part of the school day
  • Basic key skills for children for each year group are identified and children master these before moving onto the next year group


Evidenced By  

Basic Skills List, Behaviour Records, Clubs List and Uptake Records, Gate Duties,  Lesson Observations / Learning Walks, Parent Feedback, Pupil Voice Teacher and Support Staff  Feedback / Discussion


Leadership and Management – Priorities

  • To ensure safeguarding continues to be a strength of the School and build on the good practice in place


  • To ensure development opportunities are available to all staff and over time staff move up to more senior roles as a result of opportunities provided resulting in competent current and future leaders
  • To ensure subject leaders can demonstrate impact in their subject areas and area able to identify strengths /areas for development across the School


  • To ensure all teachers are able to direct supporting adults effectively so all learning support staff are able to demonstrate their impact on outcomes


  • To ensure governors take an active yet strategic role in supporting the priorities of the School


  • To ensure the School remains oversubscribed across phases and key stages


  • To ensure all spaces available to the School including bungalow and CC are used to enhance outcomes for pupils


  • To ensure profile of School is raised in community through use of social media and events


  • To ensure the website is robust and up to date
  • To ensure good practice in regard to GDPR


Evidenced By  

Completion of NPQ Courses, Leaders Articulate and Evidence Impact, Learning Walks /Observations, Teaching and Learning Reviews, Support Staff Feedback, Governor Feedback / Meetings, Numbers on Roll, All Spaces in Use








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