Year 6 - Sycamore Class


Sycamore class can often be found with their noses in a book! We love reading especially our reading for pleasure sessions, where we can share a book with friends while we drink hot chocolate. History is one our favourite subjects, and this year we will be learning about the Mayan civilisation, which will include a trip to Cadbury World. We will also be learning about entertainment through the ages. In geography, we are developing our map work skills as we learn about climate zones and biomes. We use the paintings of famous artists, such as Van Gogh, as a starting point for our art and we develop our DT skills through activities such as sewing and cooking.

A big part of Year 6 is the SATS tests, so our learning in maths, reading and writing is a focus. We use games in maths to reinforce our learning and we solve problems together using cooperation. In guided reading, we use VIPERS and Go APE to help us answer comprehension questions. When we write, we use different books and videos to support our writing and we use a range of skills. We take pride in our work and we are keen to do well. We also look forward to our end of year production, where we can show off our acting skills.

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