Certificates of the week

Posted on: 13/03/2020

Congratulations to our certificate winners for week ending 13th March :

Year 1
Madison - because of your improvement in working idependently during guided reading sessions 
George - because of your improvement in our weekly spelling tests.


Joshua - for your progress in reasoning during maths lessons
Jack - because of your improvement working independently during guided reading sessions
Year 2
Ledjo - for receiving your pen licence 
Noah - for brilliant reading 
Michelle - for lovely cooperation and teamwork during PE 
Grayson - for receiving your pen licence.  
Pawel - for wonderful understanding of tally charts and pictograms in maths.
Year 3
Archie - for settling to work quickly.
Sharon - for learning independently the three times tables 
Star - for neat handwriting in all your books.
Year 4
Mathew - for your great effort to stay on a green card throughout the week.  
Lilly -Ella -  for showing good understanding when explaning and reasoning about fraction questions.
Tyrah - for your active participation in guided reading lessons.
Maisie - for showing great understanding when solving fractions in maths.
Year 5
Marcus - for working independently in Maths by using diagrams to check your work.


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