At Sayes Court we continually strive towards developing and maintaining an engaging and purposeful curriculum which aligns with the National Curriculum. 

Over the course of this year, we have made changes to our school curriculum in response to the requirements of the new National Curriculum launched in September 2014.

In Reception Class we work within the EYFS Framework which sets the standards for the learning, development and care of children from birth to 5 years old.   We deliver these standards through the Cornerstone Curriculum which features 14 Imaginative Learning Projects, all crafted and themed around children's questions and the world around them. Cornerstones is divided into four stages of learning:  Engage, Develop, Innovate and Express. Each stage provides opportunities for children to learn and respond in a variety of ways, keeping projects flexible and able to follow children’s interests and needs. For example, 'Why do you love me so much?' is a project around love, families and the similarities and differences between familiar people, and 'Why do ladybirds have spots?' is about mini beasts and their habitats. 

To find out more about the EYFS Framework and the Cornerstone Curriculum, click on the links below.


In Keystage 1 and Keystage 2, we follow the National Curriculum.   English, Maths, Science, Music, PSHE, MFL, Geography, History, Art, Design and technology, Computing and R.E. and P.E. are subjects covered across the Keystages.  

You can also read more on the National Curriculum by clicking on the following link.

To support learning and meet the needs of our children and the requirements of the National Curriculum and EYFS Framework, we use the following schemes:

Reading – Oxford, Collins and Bug Club

Phonics and SPAG – Letters and Sounds, No Nonsense Spelling, No Nonsense Grammar, Rising Stars and Bug Club.

Maths – Busy Ants, White Rose materials, Hodder Scheme

Science – Bug Club Science

Music – Music Express

PSHE – Learn 4 Life

R.E. – Surrey