Key Stage Two

Our Key Stage Two team is made up of 5 classes from Years 3 to Year 6, including an additional bulge class in Year 3. Our aim is to provide an education programme which will meet the needs and interests of every child in our key stage and to establish an environment in which all the children can achieve their full potential.

We produce a stimulating yet secure environment which promotes confidence and enthusiasm. We strive to give opportunities for all the pupils to learn to the best of their abilities through a cross curricular approach to teaching and learning.

In order to achieve these objectives, we believe that it is important to place “Children First”, recognising them as individuals and building on their differing experiences and abilities. We encourage activities that will interest and engage the children whilst allowing them to reinforce their reading, maths and literacy skills.

Pupils are given praise and encouragement and their work and achievements are celebrated throughout the school.  Pupils are given individual targets and detailed marking which allows them to be clear what they are doing well and where they need to improve.  Pupils are given regular opportunities to revisit learning and to edit and improve.

We encourage pupils to become independent learners,  which means that they learn for themselves, try out different ways of completing tasks and evaluate what they have found out.

In Key Stage Two at the end of Year 6 children are assessed in Reading, Writing and Maths. For more information and examples of past Year 6 SATs papers please follow this link