Certificates of the week

Congratulations to our certificate winners for week endinging 29th March:


Reception   Melody - For focusing in phonics and making correct sounds for phase 2 letters.


Jake - For independently using your phonics skills to support your classmates with their letter sounds.

Grace - For independently writing a short story about your journey home from school.         Yusuf - For recognising numerals 1 - 20 during a maths activity        
Year 1   Sophie - For showing independence in your work.


Finley - For independently checking your work in English and levelling it up..


Isla - For independently checking your work in English and levelling it up..

Year 2   Frankie - For your amazing recall when counting up to 100 in 5s Archie- For being independent when working in class.  Rosie - For being independent when working in class. 



Myriam- for using your handy hints folder when trying to spell any new words..

Year 3  

Aidan - For being so resilient with your multiplication.


Amelia - For always being grateful and using the correct manners in the classroom and playground.

Jake - For becoming more independent in your learning.


Enzo - Because you are starting to use some excellent vocabulary in English

Year 5  

Hayden - For showing independence by applying skills taught in interventions to your class work.

Adam- For showing good manners when helping another member of our class last week. Shelby -  For making great progress in your reading assessment.


Ruby W - For working hard on rounding decimals last week, making fantastic progress.



Daisy - for improving your maths reasoning skills and scoring full marks on a rapid reasoning quiz. 

Year 6   Kieran - For challenging yourself to meet your writing targets. Evan - for working hard to up-level your writing.


Stephen - for embracing challenging yourself in your new maths group.

Lee - for always helping adults.        
Mrs Richmond's certificates  





Football Stars of the week:

Archy D.






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