Certificates of the week

Congratulations to our certificate winners for week ending 5th July :


Year R   All of Oak Class - for being amazing on your first whole class school trip.              
Year 1   Vintila - for showing great improvement in your reading and using the text to find answers.

Christopher - for having great resilience when It comes to writing.

Sophia -  for having great resilience when it comes to reading.

Year 2   Harrison - for being able to problem solve using the correct money.

Archy D - for being able to problem solve using the correct money. 

Esme - for being able to problem solve using the correct money..

Rosie - for referring to the text to answer questions.

Jake S - For referring to the text to answer questions      
Year 3  

Alfie - for being so resilient with your multiplication

Leo - for starting to up-level your work to make sure it is the best you can do.

Jayden - for becoming more resilient in your learning

Bobby- For starting to correctly use some fantastic vocabulary in English.

Year 5   Chloe -for showing resilience during the mock week Kieran- for taking part in discussions during science lessons and trying to have a go when answering the questions


Josie - for showing independence by using the writing frame and handy hint folder in our English lesson.


Amelia -  for settling well into your new classroom and taking active part during the lessons.         
Year 6   Harriet - for supporting back stage with the production. Adam- for wearing a tie every day. Riley - for having a good week in the playground.  William - for leading the play with confidence.