Our core aims for MFL curriculum are to ensure that all children:

  • Are exposed to a language other than their own
  • Develop an understanding of another culture
  • Know that languages are shared across many countries
  • Begin to read, write and speak in a language other than their own
  • Develop a love of language learning
  • Show pride in their home language, if different to English, and share it with others

This supports the school’s vision that pupils will be exposed to a wide and engaging curriculum which enables them to understand and explore the world beyond their local area.



We believe that the following are key ingredients in developing engaged and enthusiastic language learners at Sayes Court: modelling and delivery of lessons from language experts when available; opportunities for paired and group talk to practise vocabulary; exploration of vocabulary through songs and games; opportunities to read and write in the focus language; opportunities to explore life for children in countries that speak the focus language. Our current focus language is French.


What this looks like in practice:

  • All year groups in the school, including EYFS, have a session delivered by an MFL specialist teacher once a fortnight.
  • The length of the lesson depends on the age of the pupils – in EYFS, it is 20 minutes whereas upper KS2 have 45 minute sessions.
  • Vocabulary from previous sessions is revised and built upon to ensure that pupils are developing a bank of vocabulary.
  • There are regular opportunities for pupils to practise this vocabulary, either with the teacher or a peer.
  • In KS2, there are opportunities for pupils to reinforce their learning with written tasks.
  • The same key areas of vocabulary are practised in each year group at the same time, creating a shared bank of vocabulary which will enable cross-phase and whole school language opportunities in future.


Schemes, programmes and resources used to support MFL:

  • The MFL teacher currently resources all lessons



The impact of our MFL curriculum is:

  • All pupils have had access to learning basic words and phrases in another language
  • Year 6 pupils are prepared for the demands of foreign language learning at KS2 and how this teaching is delivered
  • Pupils are able to use key words / phrases from another language with confidence
  • Pupils are aware that many different languages are spoken across the world




MFL is key to enabling children to become a global citizen. By learning about other cultures and exploring their traditions as well as their language, children become more culturally aware and tolerant. Social interaction is promoted in these sessions due to the key aspect of partner talk.  

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